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Please complete the free intro session form. Next, we will contact you by email to choose a day and time on our calendar that works best for you to come in for your complimentary session.


During your complimentary session we can tell you about who we are and what we can do for you. No one is identical. Therefore, your fitness and nutrition programs should not be identical to your friend’s, co-worker’s or neighbor’s programs. It should be customized for you based on your medical/exercise history and how you envision yourself! We will go over all of this with you and take you through a sample workout, focused on your specific needs and goals.


Upon completion of your FREE EVALUATION & SESSION, we will go over the variety of training packages we offer and make a recommendation based on your exercise history and how quickly you’d like to reach your goals. No stress and no commitment. If you feel that HUDSON TRAINING is exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll get you signed up and scheduled to get started right away. A lifetime of wellness awaits!!

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